Christmas Reflection

Christmas Greetings!
We have spent these weeks of Advent connected through these weekly reflections. We hope they have brought you moments of calm reflection in this busy season. We are so thankful for you as a friend and supporter of Open Table. As we look towards the new year, we look forward to continuing the work of Jesus in a spirit of bold, visionary, inclusive love. Thank you for joining us in this work.
The Open Table Cooperative Board


During these weeks of Advent
we have journeyed together,
feeling the warmth of community,
as we reflect on light.
Together, connected around the world,
we light candles.

Flickering lights illuminating
the hope, peace, joy, and love in our world
illuminating the hope in our souls,
illuminating the way of peace,
illuminating the joy in our hearts,
illuminating abundant love.

A Love that is here
and a Love that is coming.
Love that angels sang about
and prophets proclaimed.

A Love that will not leave us alone.
God’s love embodied.

Embodied as Wisdom.
The transparent nothingness
that pervades all things
She is the breath of God,
A clear emanation of Divine Glory,
Who renews all things.

Embodied as Jesus.
Flesh and bone.
Human and real.
Living and dying.

Embodied in us.
You and me.
Here and now.

Stronger than anything,
Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love for All.

In this Christmas season, may you answer the call to embrace Wisdom.
Allowing her to slip into your Holy soul,
making you a friend of God and of prophets.

May you delight in life,
and may you know that you are God’s delight.

A light shines in the darkness
and the darkness will not overcome it.

Embody that light,
reflected and dancing for all to see.

Merry Christmas.

Written by Elizabeth Ullery Swenson, pastor of WildWood Gathering

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